1st Workshop on Multimedia Annotation and Retrieval enabled by Shared Ontologies

In conjunction with the international conference on Semantics And digital Media Technologies (SAMT2007)


One value of ontologies is that they represent a shared understanding of a certain domain. Ontologies are increasingly being used in multimedia systems as researchers seek to bridge the “semantic gap” between the low level features of media content and its high level conceptual meaning. However, projects and researchers are often working on their own ontological representations tuned to their particular needs. Many applications that process multimedia assets make use of some form of metadata that describe the multimedia content. Machine understanding of metadata coming from different applications is a basic requirement, but often a critical problem, due to the lack of interoperability of distributed multimedia systems.

This workshop will bring semantic multimedia researchers together to identify commonalities and agree on a shared or aligned knowledge representation for multimedia content and processes.

Target audience

All researchers working on systems, tools and methodologies which aim to support the semantic-enabled analysis, representation, adaptation, retrieval and presentation of multimedia content.

Workshop format

The workshop will accept a representative number of papers from leading researchers working with multimedia ontologies to solve a range of important tasks: multimedia analysis, representation, retrieval, adaptation and presentation. Additionally, we will seek one or two invited speakers who we recognize as important contributors to the topic of the workshop. The workshop will close with an extended discussion session around the topic of a common multimedia ontology framework. This will probably take the form of parallel small groups discussing separate aspects of multimedia research (analysis, representation, adaptation, retrieval, presentation) followed by feedback and a panel-moderated discussion to achieve conclusions and next steps.


We feel this workshop could be a full day event, with a representative number of submissions, an opening presentation on the Common Multimedia Ontology Framework, 1-2 invited speakers and an extended discussion session to close.


The proceedings are now available for download.  


This workshop is conceived as the next step in the initiative to develop a Common Multimedia Ontology Framework, and will include advances of the W3C Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group,